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An art, a sport, a way of life

Taekwon-Do Tournaments are a great way to test your skills. Taekwon-Do tournaments also make for a great spectator sport and fun for the whole family.


Competitors must wear, shin pads, foot PADS, gloves, a mouthpiece, and a groin cup (males only) when entering for sparring.

ITF Taekwondo Tournaments have four main competition categories for kids, adults and veterans.




  • SPECIAL TECHNIQUES (Amazing to watch)

Competitors have the option to compete in all four categories or only the ones of their choosing.

Sim Wha Taekwon-Do and Fitness Academy is affiliated to MASA and SASCOC. 

District , Provincial, Protea and Korean Martial Arts colours are all achievable through competition. 

We offer two complimentary classes for you to join in and to experience Taekwon-Do. This may also be a great time to see if it is a sport you would like to become competitive in. 

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